Why Not Performing Time Travel Testing May Cost Your Business A Fortune?

Time Travel TestingCrystal balls are not real and no matter how many we have, it’s just impossible to see what happens in the future. So what will you do if your work requires you to make preparations for the future and determine how certain things will turn out today, tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year. Keep in mind that one of the major challenges among large organizations especially when it concerns running a mainframe is determining the performance of a system as time passes. They also have concerns when it comes to the proper way of managing old data, and how date and time changes will affect their day-to-day operations. So how do you understand how date and time sensitive systems and files behave in production? The answer to this is by simulating a specific date or time through a time travel software.

Big and small companies have had their own share of issues related to time-based events like leap years and the shift to daylight savings time. Although companies have already dealt with the problems brought on by not being prepared for the transition to Y2K, there still remains several situations that warrant simulating a specific date or time using a time travel software to determine how certain crucial applications would behave as time passes.Simulating A Specific Date Or Time

Planning and testing systems by simulating a specific date or time like leap years can save your business, regardless of what industry you are in, from massive data loss, decrease in productivity, and frustrated customers. By simulating a certain time, you will know how certain time based functions behave if triggered. Seeing what happens or how your data and files perform over time is an essential aspect of testing. Since an actual time machine that can take you into the future does not exist, the only option that you have is to time travel your applications within a secure and simulated environment.

Time Travel Testing SoftwareOne of the reasons why simulating a specific date or time is to avoid any unexpected situations that could negatively affect your production data. By simulating a specific date or time, you can lower the risks of app or program failure every time they reach a certain time trigger. When undertaking this kind of test, you have to set up programs to operate across different time zones. You will need to use extensive testing and complicated tools. These tools should be capable of simulating the alterations in date and time to check date-sensitive functions, age files to make test files and databases, and evaluate time-based software out of the typical production environment. You do not want to do all these kinds of tests on your production data so be sure to clone it first before testing and performing your simulations in a secure setting. As you can see, simulating a specific date or time can benefit your company in more ways than you can imagine. It does not only improve the productivity of your testing staff but also help you cut hardware and software costs.

The Durable And Space Efficient Solution

There is nothing more critical for a business association than its own particular information. This information is the premise on which all operations of the association are being completed. The more current patterns of having modernized frameworks introduced in business associations have prompted the information being put away on the PCs and if this information is put away just on the PC’s memory then it is presented to high danger of information misfortune. There are numerous circumstances in which information can be lost and it is practically outlandish for associations to monitor all these.

The presentation of the electronic frameworks in business associations has without a doubt been of awesome advantage to everybody except this requires a little safeguard. Working with PCs needs a little care and there are a couple of things which must be contemplated keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from any disasters. PCs have without a doubt been an extraordinary gift to u everything except there are as yet a couple of disadvantages. Information misfortune is a standout amongst the most widely recognized issues which are caused by the PCs and this issue must be evaded with the assistance of keeping information reinforcements all the time.

Information reinforcements are valuable much of the time and there are such huge numbers of minutes when one wishes there was a reinforcement duplicate. Moving down information is exceptionally straightforward and it isn’t at all the mind boggling method which many individuals think it is. It just includes the duplicating of information on some other stockpiling gadget with the expectation of keeping an additional duplicate of the imperative information for crisis circumstances. A large portion of the circumstances, these crisis circumstances include situations in which information had been lost or it has been harmed to the point where it winds up plainly futile. This is the motivation behind why information reinforcements are suggested for all arrangements of vital information and every single business association is required to keep its own reinforcements. Organizations can influence utilization of simple to use to and productive reinforcement gadgets, for example, the new HP RDX disk.

The reinforcement innovation has advanced in the course of recent years and now significantly more effective gadgets keep coming up. These more current and better forms of gadgets have just made moving down less demanding and this strategy now just takes a few minutes. Business information is regularly in substantial sums and this information is so urgent and critical in nature that the greater part of the circumstances every last bit of it must be went down.

This includes the watchful determination of proper reinforcement gadgets which are reasonable for the necessities of the association and will meet its prerequisites effectively. One case of such gadget is the HP RDX disk which gives a radical new affair to information reinforcement. HP RDX disk likewise gives a cheap approach to organizations to meet their reinforcement necessities. Tremendous measures of information can be exchanged inside minutes as the exchange speed of this reinforcement gadget is 360 GB for each hour. In addition, it can save to 1 TB of information at a solitary point in time.

Australia SEO Company For All Your Website Optimization Needs

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It Is Cost-Effective

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Cellphone Optimization

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Choosing From The Different Types Of Data Storage And Backup Devices

Our fast-paced, ever-changing modern world pushes us to keep up with these demanding times. Every day, we work with important, confidential or critical information for our personal and professional success. A single detail lost can cause a huge impact or damage your business. Let’s face it, it’s costly to lose information. Thankfully data storage devices are becoming more affordable and efficient every day.

When it comes to recording or duplicating electronic or computer data, there’s an array of media available for data storage or data backup. To choose the best storage or backup device, you have to take note of its purpose and features. Different devices are good for different reasons, each has its pros and cons. There are removable or portable, permanent and rewritable storage devices, depending on what you need.

Different Types Of Data Storage Devices

Here, we categorize the types of each data storage device to find out which devices are suited for your different personal and professional storage needs.


  • Storage drives that are physically part of or are connected to the computer or network server for additional memory space or capacity.
  • Data can be accessed once the computer, where it’s connected, is turned on.
  • Disadvantage: data is corrupted or lost if the computer is damaged, not backed-up or virus-attacked.


  • Portable storage devices that can easily be connected to or removed from the computer.
  • Data can be accessed on any computer that has an appropriate drive which can read the portable storage devices.
  • Disadvantage: portable devices can easily get lost, damaged or misplaced.


  • Data are virtually stored away in a server or computer at a distant location.
  • Data can be accessed in any computer by connecting to the network, server or the Internet.
  • Disadvantage: takes the time to access data and is less secure.

Let’s now look into some common types of storage devices that belong to the above categories.

On-site Data Storage Devices

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

  • Most common type or method of backing up data.
  • Used in almost all computer systems.
  • Connected to the computer either internally or externally (portable HDD).
  • Have massive data storage capacities.
  • Stores operating systems, software applications and programs, and working data.
  • Fast access to data, can easily read and write data.
  • More expensive than other devices.

Recordable Drive

  • Can save files on optical disk that’s compatible to run on other systems.
  • Available in internal and external models.

Removable Storage Devices

  • USB Flash Drive / Memory Stick / Pen Drive
  • Removable, rewritable and portable.
  • Can be accessed via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port.
  • Very small, fast, lightweight, uniquely designed and efficient.
  • Can store data, pictures, and music.
  • Can easily get lost, damaged or misplaced.
  • Will wear out over time.

Compact Disc (CD)

  • Can store data, pictures, and music.
  • Can either be a recordable only or a rewritable device.
  • Can be accessed through a CD-ROM drive.
  • Cheapest to store video and music.

Digital Video Disc (DVD)

  • Can store large files like movies with the best visual and sound quality.
  • Can be accessed through a DVD drive.
  • Can either be a recordable only or a rewritable device.

Memory Card

  • Used with other electronic gadgets to store data, pictures and sounds.
  • Compact, small, lightweight and portable.
  • Can easily get lost, damaged or misplaced.

Off-site Storage Devices

Online Storage

  • Can be accessed anywhere that has the Internet or network access.
  • Also serves as a remote backup, provides backup if personal computer system fails.
  • Can take the time to download and upload information.
  • Less data security or protection.

There’s a variety of data storage and data backup systems you can choose from. You can find trusted group to help you find the right storage device that specializes in hardware and software solutions, including servers, storage, and small business networks.

Data Storage Options And What Is Best For You

Most every single day people can say that they have been on a computer for at least some time of the day. Most everyone also can say that there is a lot of important information and documents stored on their PC. However, most would also admit that they do not have any data storage devices other than what is inside their individual computer. This can be a little like playing Russian roulette with your data.

Very few people understand how important it is to have some form of additional data storage and backup until they lose it. In the blink of an eye, someone can lose their data which often includes things like pictures, videos, music, movies, and important documents, and forms.

Also at stake with adequate data storage is the speed at which your computer can process data. When a computer is new, it moves a lot quicker because there is so little data on it. What happens over time is computers slow down as more and more data is put on them. An easy solution would be to delete old data, however, most often there is too much that people deem as something that cannot be deleted. If you properly set up your folders and files on your computer it will go further before slowing down, but inevitably it will catch up to you. Eventually, most people will fill up their computer over time with all of the pictures, movies, videos, music, and endless mounds of documents. Everyone who gets to this point knows it because their computer slows to a crawl.

When you get to the point that your computer has slowed down to an unbearable pace, you will need to find a data storage solution to solve the problem. When you get to investigating this, you will realize that you have some options to choose from.

Network storage is one of those options. This option is perfect wherever there is a network. This can be at home or in an office. This is great for file sharing situations and when you can centralize the storage and save yourself the cost of a storage device for each computer.

Direct attached storage is an option that works well for servers. It attached directly to the server and increases its capacity. This solution is not for everyone since not everyone has a server in their home. However, for the office or the people who do have a server at home, this can be a great option.

Removable disk storage is a great way to go for a single machine or a single server. This is an option that can work both at home and in the office and especially when portability is an issue.

Tape backup is for archiving purposes. It is not good for storing data that needs to be accessed frequently. However, there are applications for this data storage and backup option for which there is data that needs to be saved but does not need to be accessed much if at all.

USB Drives



With the first hard drive which later on became an integral part of practically all the computers IBM came out in 1956. Floppy disks were considered to be the future of storage media and were introduced. By the late 90s we witnessed the usage of optical devices like CDs and DVDs for storage and back-up functions. USB drive is a novel addition to this long list of storage media, which can be becoming popular. The first USB drive was sold by Trek in early 2000. Since then the marketplace for USB drives has burst from $ 717 million to $ 53 billion by 2004.

Expectations From An Excellent Storage Media

Any dependable storage media must meet specific criteria. First and foremost, a storage media that is good should be hardy and reliable. It should offer a high speed, so far as the storage, retrieval and processing of data is concerned. Any storage device that is genuine mustn’t need any special expertise on the part of the user and should be user friendly. It needs to be compatible with the present hardware. Portability is definitely an edge that is enviable, so far as storage devices are concerned. Above all a popular storage device should be readily available in the marketplace at a price that is reasonable, so as to fit into the budget of all kind of users. USB drives execute almost most of the aforementioned criteria.

What Is An USB Drive

USB drive, which is also known as flash drive, is a plug and play storage media that is highly portable. It is extremely modest in size and will not necessitate installing any particular applications because of its use. It truly is not incompatible with virtually most of the computers that are present. It assigns it a drive letter and instantly recognizes the drive, once an USB drive is inserted into the USB port of a computer. USB drive offers certain unique advantages over other storage media and includes a storage capacity ranging from 32 megabytes.

Just How Do They Work

An USB drive has been made possible by the newest advances in microprocessor technology and is infect a blend of various old technologies. It chiefly relies on EPROM technology. It consists of four principal parts i.e. An USB connector which facilitates an interface to the host computer, USB mass storage control device which contains a small microprocessor, a crystal oscillator and a NAND flash memory chip that stores info. Besides these four critical elements, an USB drive may contain various other parts.


Advantages Of Using An USB Drive

1) Mobile – An USB drive is really light, compact and mobile. It can be literally carried by one.

2) Does Not Need Rebooting – An USB drive doesn’t require ant time-consuming unique configuration and is a completely a plug-and-play device.

3) Does Not Require Any Special Power Supply Or Batteries – Provide an outside power supply to it or one does not need to install any batteries in a flash drive.

4) High Capacity USB Drives – Come in a wide array of storage capacities including 32 megabytes to 64 gigabytes.

5) Compatibility – Almost all the new computers come fitted with an USB port and an USB device is compatible with all sorts of computers, be it a work station or a lap top.

6) High Speed – It’s much easier and convenient to upload data on an USB drive as compared to other media.

7) User Friendly One – Does not need any special expertise to use a flash drive. A mere practical knowledge of computers is that it takes.

8) Hardy – A flash drive will not have any internal movable parts and comes encased in a plastic or alloy coat. Thus it is not susceptible to damage due to mishandling

9) Easily Available – USB drives are readily obtainable in all the computer stores and on the web.

10) Resists More Erase/Write Cycles – An USB drive. The marketplace for USB drives is expanding at a pace that is fast, nevertheless ; high price is a major obstacle to its popularity.

With the possible fall in the costs in the future, it is expected to replace the present storage media like DVDs and CDs.

Outrageous HP Ultrium LTO 5 Drive Tips

hp-lto-5-image-5LTO cartridge may be used with some of the LTO drive that was branded. Among the best /optimally selling features of the tape is its capacity to compress info. An entire LTO5 ultrium tape option is delivered by Dell. Because it is the most recent generation of LTO tapes, it’s more complex and productive. Native 1500GB info could be squeezed on a solitary LTO cartridge that was ultrium5. So the businesses won’t need to get extra encryption software to encrypt their business information.

The latest variant of linear Tape-Open technology is referred to as LTO-5 cassette. This really is unquestionably the most complex sort of technology that is copy. This variation was released within the calendar year 2010.

IBM LTO tape cartridges are perfect for long term data security. This lto3 cassette functions as an all-inclusive back-up storage package. You do not need to make a selection to delete files because you do not have sufficient storage space, only if you like to delete them.

Hewlett Packard is among the biggest brand names on earth of technology and after that offers with their own customers nothing but the very best merchandises. LTO technology was made to offer openness. The response to this question is extremely very easy and straightforward and it is technology that is backup.

In the present world if a business’s wishes to outperform its rivals it ought to place in a place a perfect backup system. On the opposite hand, the IT administrators need to handle incredibly massive amounts of data within their strained resources, which will be not an effortless endeavor. As a consequence, its operations are performed by the drive with no gaps. HP understands how important it is for companies to store maximum quantity of data in a single cassette. The business world has gotten more intelligent, and instrumented.

Protecting customer information is an increasing business problem, and the expense of recovery proceeds to get steeper. Road cost for drive that is peripheral is actually in the $2900-3,500 range. To be able to select the storage media option which will be most satisfactory for the special needs, you’ll need to evaluate capacities that are numerous.


Numerous media sellers make Ultrium cassettes and can be available. LTO Ultrium tape provides a robust, exceptionally handy and quite economical means of storing information. Tape -level encryption makes it possible for administrators to use capacity and operation by compressing files before encryption. Maximum data transfer rate and cassette capability is founded on the kind of tape. They’re extraordinarily immune against stringent state, in addition for their lasting cartridge minimizes the possibility of destruction.

Earlier generation drives are made to reject increased generation cartridges. Secure kinds of storage and these drives are formed to be extremely safe and are built tough. On the ground of the unit, moreover an orange that is clear window that delivers a view of the gear will be discovered by users. The drive versions contain external and internal. A LTO Tape Drive can allow you to solve this predicament. You need a thing that’s as dependable as also and such you can reliability can alone be ensured by purchasing top quality hardware.

Nothing herein ought to be construed as constituting more guarantees. Usually, the whole cartridge is encrypted. This capability is not usually limited by the LTO specifications. Support advice about those drives is detailed within the sections below. Here are a few feelings after using the drive on an usual basis for the past month or so. Yes, unless the failure is merely a minor issue that’s quickly and merely corrected.

HP LTO 5 – Becoming Acquainted With Product Characteristics

Getting Acquainted With The Product Features

hp-lto-5-image-3A lot of people are confident of having saved their information safely only to realize later on that the measures they took were deficient to ensure sufficient backup of advice. It truly is so critical contemplating a system that can suit your specific requirements for data storage. Think of utilizing HP LTO 5 products if in need of a cost efficient solution for backing up information.

HP LTO Products HP or Hewlett Packard is a supplier of LTO technology products and an industry leader in making LTO drives, having an appreciable and international market share in LTO tape drives. Linear Tape Open technology comprises of single reel tape technology customized for high-capacity storage. It features a tape format which is adaptable and scalable.

The HP LTO products have extraordinarily -high functionality that can be of vital help to someone seeking for tape -based protection of info. HP LTO 5 tapes afford their user data integrity as they apply correction codes for error read-and-write functions for controlling information. It affords someone the capability of regaining the full course of lost data such as an unreadable 32mm of tape. The products feature a simplified tape course as well as effective head cleaner.

Increased Functionality

The Dynamic Data Rate Fitting characteristic of HP LTO 5 products eases alteration of tape-speed to that of host- information. It suggests the tape-head will not need to keep while waiting incoming information repositioning. Tape- operation gets enriched as a consequence of the attribute and power is used economically, with wear of head and tape being reduced.

How Saved Data Is Secured

Linear Tape File System (LTFS) All HP LTO products include data encryption ability that ensures security of stored information. They’ve partitioning as well, where some tape- part holds the file. The indexing endeavor is conducted by another portion meanwhile and can tell the drive where point within the tape the file is stored. Partitioning eases usage of Linear Tape File System in which the drive reads indexed advice in a user friendly format.

LTFS offers the capacity of ‘dragging and dropping ’, with the file- management interface making the job of managing information simple. In addition, it reduces the time required for getting files, since cassette files and directories are visible within the directory listing on the desktop. It’s possible to subsequently utilize varied functions on the files the same manner one would use the functions had these files been saved on removable media or a hard disk.


Product Variety

One is ensured of having diverse pocket-friendly prices and alternatives by using HP LTO products. With the products being compatible with a generous array of hardware and software alternatives, multiple interface options are available. HP LTO 5 drives work quite nicely with many of system configurations in use.

Security of information is a crucial aspect of thought for any corporate or company organization. HP LTO 5 products afford business owners the benefit of keeping from getting breached, which could occasion serious legal consequences sensitive info free.

Importance Of Data Recovery

data-storage-image-7Know the importance of data recovery services and data recovery software when you face the situations of data loss and its inaccessibility. The number of data recovery software contained in the data recovery services prove helpful in recovery of information in cases of major corruptions to your own storage media and the market enables you to recover your lost information

What happens when you’re focusing on your computer system shows a blank screen and a special job or file? Or one of the partitions is not recognized by the BIOS – It could be anything

Is this a warning from your own computer about some other difficulty that caused your system or some mishappening about to occur such as hard disk failure, system crash? Don’t be surprised! This could lead your computer system to become dead and all your valuable information is gone forever. But Stop, Don’t Panic, the relief is there

“The data which appears to be lost and inaccessible, in real terms is not lost eternally. The data that was lost can be recovered with the help of professional data recovery applications and services”

Many times organizations afterward, suffer the leading decline of these precious data and or individuals don’t give much importance to such sort of incidents. In such cases when the computer system shut downs or reboots or there are indications of disk failure, it means that your computer system needs your immediate consideration.

You’ll need a data recovery solution if you experience inaccessibility of files and folders, unrecognized format, virus attacks, accidental deletions, irreversible deletion of files, inaccessible partitions, corrupt records, unexpected system shutdowns, error messages while opening a file and there are endless reasons due to which you cannot get your data.

As the article objectives towards the importance of data recovery, the first question appears – What is data recovery

Speaking in terms that are simple, it’s like repairing a broken toy with the aid of paste and making it functional again. Here, the broken plaything is your storage media that is corrupted and damaged and glue refers to the retrieval of data with the aid of services and software which instantly gets your inaccessible and lost data to life back.

In technical terms, Data Recovery is defined as a scientific approach followed to get back the inaccessible and lost data. This can be made possible through data recovery software utilities and services.

How Useful Are Data Recovery Software

Data Recovery software brings your information back and repair corrupted partitions, files, databases, storage media and effectively regains safely. The retrieval software efficiently recovers back and is helpful you’re lost, deleted info, which can be easily bought through on line sale transactions. Almost every data recovery business provide FREE demo version of their applications variety. The Free demo version is the best assessment technique for an user. Before deciding to buy it you must always try the demo version of the applications. Examine your hard drive that is corrupt or file with the demo version and see whether the software is able enough to regain back your info. This really is a dependable means to test attributes, functionality, speed, user friendliness of the software. If the demo version displays your information then you can purchase Full version of the software as the demo versions might not allow you to save the recovered information.

Hp LTO5 Back Up The Hottest Economical, Streamlined System As Well As Cassette For Storage- Companies Which Are Intensive

15Information technology is currently among the essential engines of growth for the modern world empowering ease of convenience, effectiveness and availability. The development of their continuing advancement with machines which are faster and better and computers has become a basis for private effectiveness in businesses. Computers have let many occupations boost the speed of work and efficient use of time that are truly the hallmarks of organizations and competitive businesses, and to finally become cumbersome now.

Computers are used today in businesses both small scale and huge to get a colossal choice of functions be it, access and storage of worker records, commerce or bookkeeping records, as an instrument for assessment, communication and research work or for data that was simple storage. The final attribute especially is of great worth to businesses to get a number of records, commerce deals from where they could be readily seen, when demanded, etc should be held as an issue of record.

With developments in information and computing technology development of backup technology has really carried on hand in hand with this goal in general because of the meaning of the data storage component for data centers. Keeping guide records used to be a cumbersome process and also wouldn’t just take up tons of time but space. Whole rooms full of files were a common sight in businesses especially the ones which are larger, and saving and remembering information was a bone enterprise that is exhausted. Such days ought to be observed with back up apparatus including HP LTO5 cassette storage system is not inaccessible.

The HP LTO5 cassette represents the 5th generation of the linear tape technology that is open that has been designed by the three giants of the company Hewlett Packard, Seagate and IBM. Developments to the technology have been made over time and additionally this generation of copy storage by Hewlett Packard allows for faster processing, overall effectiveness and greater storage which was not inconsiderable within the past variations. The HP C7975A, LTO ultrium5 cartridge enables to get a storage capacity of 15 terabytes, which is often increased to 30 terabytes if data compression is employed.

Moreover, it boats a processing speed of 1 TB per hour that’s a considerable improvement over its predecessors. The HP LTO5 cassette also causes it to be easy for using hardware encryption which allows for greater data security and availability after which the users which are correct. This coupled utilizing a data compression speed of 2:1 empowering 3 terabytes of info to be saved in the cartridge in less than 3 hours makes this device an ideal one to have.

LTO-5 cassette, uses some complex and dependable coating technique due to the foundation movie, Ultra fine coating consist with small and more thinner metal particles which help in foundation image with smoother and even surface and competent enough to boost info monitor up to 1280 with 846M tape span. LTO5 cassette, uses some fundamental function with abilities and increased developments, memory chip is one of the best parts which unload procedure with LTO Ultrium5 tape drive and carries and accentuated most essential advice regarding cartridge while offering exceptional help.

HP LTO5 cassette, comprised with WORM write read much function which protects storage info from access and unauthorized and alteration adjustment.